Friday, July 5, 2013

My Birthday Project Update

So, I'm turning 40 this month and I've decided to come up with 40 ways to bless others,  a la The Birthday Project.  Missed that post?  Read about it here.

This week my boys helped me leave 3 gifts at one of the local Redbox kiosks--each one a baggie with some microwave popcorn, 4 quarters (enough for one movie from Redbox), and a note:

We taped the baggies on the side of the kiosk with much glee!  The boys let me snap a quick pic:

Hopefully, three unsuspecting people had their day brightened just a bit when they went to rent a Redbox movie!  And, hopefully, I'm reinforcing a spirit of giving in my boys.  Kindness, even in simple gestures, warms the heart--of both those receiving it and those extending it!


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