Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello, there...um...how are you? I'm crafty! or How to Make an alternative to the Front Door Wreath

Hello, there...um...how are you?  I'm crafty.  So, apparently, I've not posted anything since April 5.  It's now May 21.  May. Twenty-First!  Remember when I was so excited because both the boys would finally be in school full time and I'd have "so much free time"?  Not sure what I was thinking.  Not so much free time as it is time used differently...But, I digress.

So, how have you been?  Me?  I've been churning out end-of-the-year teacher gifts like crazy!  Fun, fun.  Lots of Mother's Day and new mom pieces, as well.  And, Father's Day isn't too far off--Sunday, June 16, people!

I'm digging this Dad gift, currently:

So, over the weekend, after churning out some 40 or so pieces in 2 weeks, I decided to be crafty in a different way.  Found an old mdf letter "M" from Hobby Lobby that I bought for a project I decided not to do.  Got out the hot glue gun and the jute.

Had this on hand--it was $1.99 at Hobby Lobby.

Used foil as a glue gun rest...
 Then, I began wrapping the jute and gluing.  It took a little longer than I thought it would...
Halfway through...

Completely wrapped

Then, I thought, what could I add?  I remembered an old T-shirt of mine with cute shabby fabric flowers...I loved that shirt & wore it often--until it got a hole.  Of course I'd saved it, with an eye toward re-purposing it into...something.  I cut out the fabric flowers from the T-shirt, then added a hair-clip flower I'd found on clearance at Target a while back.  Added some ribbon, and after burning only one finger and one thumb in the process, here's what I came up with:


Hangin' on the front door

Close-up of the front door

So, whatcha think?  A nice front door wreath alternative, I think!


What will you craft today?**


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