Thursday, February 28, 2013

This just in & a sweet Etsy Treasury

Hey there!  I have completed a few new pieces, now available in my Etsy shop:

Personalized Vintage-Inspired Necklace, with a working accordion locket!

Colorblock Navy/Brown/Yellow Chunky Necklace--I'm digging the navy blue these days!

Colorblock Beaded Necklace with Apple Green, Tortoise Shell, Yellow, Coffee Brown--Love.This.

Also, HandstampedOriginals was recently featured in a new Etsy Treasury, created by fellow Etsian, Jonna  Kirk.  Check it out!  Thanks, Jonna!

After 2 People Fell in Love a Tree Started to Sprout Roots

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow days!

The boys were out of school last Friday and Monday.  Then, Snowmageddon struck on Thursday.  The boys had snow days on both Thursday and Friday.  Our official tally was 11.5 inches of snow.  And, many, many more inches of snow are predicted for Monday evening!!  A photo retrospective:

Cheese circle sandwiches make a lovely snow day lunch!

Backyard snow fun!


Testing out the new tube before taking it to the park!

I heart coffee.  Being snowed in is much more bearable with caffeine!  

Side bonus of snow days?  Extra snuggles, warm cookies, reading, games, movies, and fun with family.  And, extra jewelry-making time here and there.  :D  Check it out:

And, I just strung several new beaded necklaces today--still working on getting those listed.  :D  Pics coming soon--probably on Tuesday's snow day!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Organization, New Pieces & A Coupon Code

Hey there!  Working hard in my newly re-organized craft room, which is now messy again from all the work.  Here's a look:

Ribbon nicely organized--check

 A view of my son's old headboard turned pin board (I still want to frame the edges).

The newly added work table, which I've expanded to for beading, as I use my desk for stamping.  This table was never even in the room before I reorganized and look how full (& messy) it is now-yikes!

A couple new pieces I just added to my Etsy shop

Last but not least, here's a coupon code for you!  Now through February 28, 2013, save 15% on any order from HandstampedOriginals with Coupon Code: BEMINE

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Long time no blog

Well hello there.  Christmas, Christmas break, New Year's and January came and went.  Hello February!  This was the week when everything went back to "normal" (whatever that is) for our family.  All the boys' extracurricular activities have started up again and even one of my own extracurricular activities (Thursday Women's Outreach) is starting up again this week.  So, I'm back to a somewhat predictable schedule and am back to the blogging.

I've been engaged in a Major Craft Studio & Basement Clean-Out & Reorganization, so soon you may see a flurry of new pieces from HandstampedOriginals (including ones utilizing those old typewriters I snatched up).'s one new piece I made today while trying to put off working on the Major Craft Studio & Basement Clean-Out & Reorganization:

Here's another new-ish one:

Happy February people!  More coming soon.