Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Most Popular Handstamped Original & Blog Reader Savings Reminder

It turns out our most popular Handstamped Original evolved from a design that did not include any handstamped elements. A customer named Sara contacted us to request a
custom item--she asked if we could take this:

and add 3 small copper inital charms. First we said, "Great idea, Sara!"; then we said, "Yes, we can!"

Here's the end product--which has become our most popular design:

Thanks Sara!

You can find this cute double copper filigree necklace with handstamped copper initial charms & tri-color pearls here:

As a reminder, from now through February 14, you can save 15% on any order from Handstamped Originals on Etsy with Coupon Code: VALENTINE