Friday, June 8, 2012

A Whole New World...

So, my baby started Kindergarten summer school this week, along with my now 3rd grader, which means that for the first time in almost 9 (nine!) years, I have the entire day to myself--at least through the end of June, when summer school ends.  This will begin again--permanently--in August.  In the meantime, I'm driven to accomplish a long list of household organization & cleaning.  For years, I've thought, if I ever had a whole day to myself, I could accomplish so much...  So far, I've taken 5 bags to Goodwill, moved around the master bedroom, cleaned out & reorganized the master closet, including switching to those thin velvet hangers (Love.Them).  Next, I'm cleaning out the mass of jewelry...  Pics & more posted soon.  Happy Weekend!!

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