Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Recycle an Old T-Shirt into a Cute Fabric Flower

So I've seen this idea in many places. Here's one of my faves from:

I thought I'd give it a try using what I had on hand... First, I drew a flower template out of some scrap paper (forgot to take a pic of that, but you get the idea). I'm not much for pinning, so I just held it against the T & cut out shapes around it. I cut out & used 9 flowers in total. Then I cut out a circle of felt (or in this case an old jewelry beading pad) to use as the backer.

I folded the first flower in half, adding a dab of hot glue (or tacky glue, which I was out of) to hold it together, then in half again (again with the hot glue). Then I glued the double folded flower to one fourth of the circle & repeated 3 more times til the circle was covered with four double folded flowers (don't you love my makeshift hot gluing surface--an envelope from opening the mail).

Next I did the same thing again, only I placed the flowers perpendicular to the seams created by the first layer of 4 double folded flowers.

I folded the ninth flower in half & then rolled it into a cone shape, gluing the "point" of the cone to the middle of the layers.

I then put a dab of glue in the middle of each folded petal on the top layer & brought it up to meet with/adhere to the outer edge of the cone. Here's a pic of the first petal meeting with the edge of the cone:

And, here's the finished product:

Love. This. So simple. And it has that comfy, soft T-shirt feel!

I'm thinking of adding both a pin & a clip to the back so that I can wear it on a jacket, clip it in my hair, or clip it on a headband. And, I am thinking of making more colors, playing with sizes, etc. What will you do? Happy Weekend Everybody! :D

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