Saturday, December 3, 2011

One of my favorite hassle-free decorating go-tos

Want an easy way to change your decorations for the season/holidays without having to dismantle or replace your decor?

My go-to is....

Wait for it...


That's it, framed paper. Sometimes with a rub-on added, but usually not. Wanna see?

Here are the side-by-side frames in our half-bath (sorry for the picture quality--new camera is on my Christmas list!). I like the two simple frames in our half bath. I don't like the thought of taking them down, hanging something else, creating more holes in the wall/worrying about the existing holes. So, I just swap out the contents & viola, I mean voila.

This year I framed up some simple, graphic Christmas prints--Under the Mistletoe & Oh Christmas Tree.

Inside, they hold a history of seasons. At the back are the "everyday" prints. Then comes Halloween. Then, Fall/Thanksgiving. And, now it's Christmas.

I'm all for simple & hassle-free. Give it a try!


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